Facing Eviction?
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Home Owners

There has been a lot of talk recently about the MERS Class Action Lawsuit.

In every class action lawsuit, it takes years to unfold, and the lawyers make the brunt of the money. Get on board if you want. Good luck.

However, if you feel your home loan was imposed upon you with terms and conditions you did not fully understand, by a predatory lender, and you have defaulted on the payments, and are facing foreclosure, or worse yet, have already been foreclosed, there is still possibly some hope to save your home if you want to. There are never any guarantees. You would have to discuss all details with the lawyer of your choosing.

There are many different strategies on the market right now to 'Quiet Title' to your foreclosed home.

Some require that you deed your home to a 3rd private party, and they acquire the note and sell it back to you at today's market price with them as the lender, etc etc etc. ..  Would you sign over the deed to your home to some company claiming to...well, you get the point.

Wouldn't you ask that company to supply you with at least ONE happy customer's phone # so that you can talk to them yourself for proof of a job well done, BEFORE you deed your home to an unknown entity or a complete stranger?

Our referred specialists'  strategy is to Quiet Title utilizing the facts of your situation, without asking you to sign over your home to anyone.
You stay in your home, and over the course of 4-8 or more months, different motions and actions can be used at the court to bring to light the injustices that were foisted upon you.

Many different variables surround the pertinent facts of every different situation. You would discuss your situation with your referred attorney or specialist, or the entity of your own choosing for a complete understandable explanation before you decide what is best for you. We are not attorneys here, but we provide an attorney and specialist referral service.

We have been successful in many different types of cases for homeowners, and renters alike.  You can speak with our clients directly and ask them if they are happy with our educated, intelligent, professional assistors, and our many different services.

We are not a loan modification company.
We neither arrange, negotiate, nor effect loan modifications.  
For assistance in this area, please contact your lender directly.

There are NO guarantees, and no guarantees are ever made to anyone by any consultants.
What is said between you and your referred attorney, or specialist, is between you, and them.

*DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this web site is provided as a public service. Unless you are speaking with one of our network attorneys, nothing said by any of our referral representatives is to be construed as legal advice. No guarantees of outcomes are ever made to anyone. All testimonials are true real people that have used one of our referral service providers. While the information on this site is about eviction issues, it is not legal advice, or legal representation, and should not be relied upon as such. For that, you must speak to your referral legal representative.
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