Facing Eviction?
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About Us

Our national consultants, help renters and homeowners nationwide, by stalling out their eviction for several months. If you are a homeowner and qualify, it is possible to Quiet Title, reverse the foreclosure, and get your home back at the current market value. If you are a renter, our specialists can delay or stall out your eviction for many months depending on the circumstances.

Every case is different and carries it's own variables.

In any event, delaying your eviction comes first. Move at your pace, not theirs. Move out when you can, not when you're told to.

Our business is finding the right solution to your issue. 
  • Renters
  • Owners
  • Apartments
  • Commercial Rentals
  • Homes
  • Foreclosure Evictions
 We know lawyers, appearance attorneys, licensed paralegals and licensed specialists, who combine over 50 years of eviction experience.

If YOU have been served with a 24 Hr. Notice, 3 Day Notice, 5 Day Notice, 30 Day Notice, or 60 Day Notice, Summons, Complaint, Unlawful Detainer, Notice of Trustee Sale, Default Notice, or any other Foreclosure Paperwork.

THEN CALL US NOW!!  at  213-291-1810 .
 We will opine the right specialist for your particular situation.

Stop Evictions and Lockouts. Know Your Tenants' Rights. Your referral representative can help you stay in your home or apartment for months, and sometimes YEARS! They are Low-Cost, Eviction Rights Assistors.

If you have received ANY Notice, Do Not put this off for later. You need HELP right now, So CALL US RIGHT NOW @ 213-291-1810

N.B. ***
We are not a loan modification company.
We neither arrange, negotiate, nor effect loan modifications.  
For assistance in this area, please contact your lender directly.

There are NO guarantees, and no guarantees are ever made to anyone by any consultants.
What is said between you and your referred attorney, or specialist is between you, and them.

We are a referral company with LIVE reps who can refer your situation in minutes, to the right lawyer, paralegal, doc. prep, adviser, accountant, roofer, counselor, chiropractor, gardener, R/E broker, mortgage. broker, nutritionist, hirudotherapist, electrician, plumber, painter, doctor, repairman, music teacher, cinematographer, studio facilities  ..... just about anything, nationwide.

*DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this web site is provided as a public service. Unless you are speaking with one of our network attorneys, nothing said by any of our referral representatives is to be construed as legal advice. No guarantees of outcomes are ever made to anyone. All testimonials are true real people that have used one of our referral service providers. While the information on this site is about eviction issues, it is not legal advice, or legal representation, and should not be relied upon as such. For that, you must speak to your referral legal representative.
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